Management of the State of problem solving with the Interactive Consultant.

class idp_server.State.State(idp: idp_solver.Parse.Idp)[source]

Contains a state of problem solving

add_given(jsonstr: str)[source]

Add the assignments that the user gave through the interface. These are in the form of a json string. This method also sets the values of the default structure.

Parameters:jsonstr – the user’s assignment in json
Returns:the state with the jsonstr added
Return type:State
idp_server.State.make_state(idp: idp_solver.Parse.Idp, jsonstr: str) → idp_server.State.State[source]

Manages the cache of States.

  • idp – IDP code parsed into Idp object
  • jsonstr – the user’s assignments in json

the complete state of the system

Return type: